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City Green's Farmers for Food Access initiative is a resource and marketing hub that connects New Jersey farmers, markets, and growers directly to shoppers who use SNAP and WIC. The initiative will leverage partnerships and resources to build a network of NJ farmers and food access agencies, facilitate connections to marketing and funding opportunities, and increase access to fresh, healthy food across the Garden State.

Through the Farmers for Food Access Hub, you can:

  • Learn how to become a SNAP or WIC authorized farmer or farmers market in NJ

  • Connect with people who use SNAP and WIC through agency partnerships and marketing

  • Learn best practices for creating inclusive and accessible farm stands and markets

Get Authorized!

Interested in accepting SNAP or WIC at your Farm or Market in New Jersey? Use these handy guides and resources to start creating affordable local food access in your community. 

Questions? Contact us at

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How to Become a SNAP-Authorized Farm or Market in NJ


Download this guide and workbook to complete the steps it takes to become a SNAP-authorized farm or farmers market retailer.

SNAP Auth Directory Cover Page (1).png

NJ SNAP-Authorized Farms & Markets

Up-to-date listing of NJ community farmers market and direct-marketing farmers that are SNAP-authorized. SNAP benefits can be used at any of these locations!

Updated: December 2022

SNAP Eligible Item List for Farms & Markets.png

SNAP - Eligible Item List for Farms & Markets


Use this list to know what can and cannot be purchased with the Families First SNAP/EBT card.

How to Accept SWIC FMNP Workbook (Farmers and Farmers Markets).png

How to Become a WIC-Authorized Farm or Market in NJ


Download this guide and workbook to learn the steps to become authorized to accept WIC and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) benefits at your market.

SNAP Fact Sheet.png

SNAP at Farms and Markets in NJ Fact Sheet


Refer to these facts and talking points, outlining SNAP at farm-direct retailers nationally and in the Garden State. 


USDA SNAP at Farmers Markets FAQ

This guide features Frequently Asked Questions about SNAP at Farmers Markets from the USDA.

How to Run a Manual EBT Voucher at your Market.png

How to Process a Manual Offline SNAP Voucher


Download this step-by-step guide for your market so your cashiers always know how to process a SNAP transaction if your card-reader equipment is not functioning during a market!

Accepting SNAP at Your Farm or Farmers Market Webinar.png

Accepting SNAP at your Farm or Market Webinar


View a recording of City Green's first-ever "How to Accept SNAP at your NJ Farm or Farmers Market" webinar (October 2022).

NI Hub EBT Equipment Guide

Overview of SNAP/EBT Equipment 

A Nutrition Incentive Hub resource that gives an overview of EBT technology and card reader equipment options for accepting SNAP payments at your market.  

Connect with Agencies

These resources outline income eligibility and list the community agencies and partners that work with community members who use SNAP, WIC, and Senior FMNP. Use these resources to connect community members interested in enrolling in a nutrition assistance program, to their nearest agency.

About SNAP.png

SNAP Guide and Agencies: County Social Service Directory

Use this Directory to find your local Social Services office, which you can contact to apply for SNAP benefits.

Updated: December 2022

NJ DHS County Board of Social Services Listing

About WIC FMNP.png

WIC Guide and Agencies: Local WIC Office Directory

Use this Directory to find your local WIC office, which you can contact to apply for WIC benefits.

Updated: December 2022

NJ DOH Local WIC Agency Listings

About Senior FMNP.png

Senior FMNP Guide and Agencies: Offices on Aging Directory

Use this Directory to find your local Area Agency on Aging, which you can contact to apply for Senior FMNP benefits.

Updated: December 2022

NJ State Division of Aging Services

Connect with Shoppers

Use these resources to make your farmers market a welcoming place for all!

10 tips for snap friendly market VA.png

10 Tips for Making your Market SNAP-Shopper Friendly 

Tips and best practices from the Virginia Cooperative Extension.

FDC REsource image.png

NJ Food Democracy Collaborative Resources

A robust collection of farm and food resources and directories for individuals and agencies.

Screen Shot 2023-01-18 at 3.54.13 PM.png

The Anti-Racist Farmers Market Toolkit 

The National Farmers Market Coalition's Anti-Racist Toolkit for farmers markets.

Screen Shot 2023-01-18 at 4.22.34 PM.png

Using SNAP at NJ Farmers Markets

NJ Food Democracy Collaborative's website walks shoppers through how and where to use SNAP at NJ Farmers Markets.

SNAP-ed site image.png


Connect with the SNAP-Ed program to bring healthy eating and active living education to your farmers market!

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