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Watch our Good Food Bucks video below to learn more!


City Green's Good Food Bucks program is New Jersey's largest statewide SNAP-Doubling nutrition incentive program for fruits and vegetables at farmers markets, grocery stores, and other fresh-food retailers. For every $1 you spend with your SNAP Families First EBT Card at participating locations, you receive a Good Food Bucks coupon or discount for your fresh produce purchases. Get DOUBLE the amount of fruits and vegetables for the same price! Check out our list of participating locations to find out what markets offer Good Food Bucks near you!

Zero registration needed for shoppers to participate! All SNAP shoppers are automatically eligible for Good Food Bucks benefits at our participating locations just by using their EBT card. For support applying for SNAP, you can contact our partners at the Community Food Bank of New Jersey or apply at NJ SNAP.

City Green provides funding, training, and technical assistance to produce vendors of all shapes and sizes so that ALL of our neighbors can double the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables on their tables, while at the same time supporting the people who grow our food.

Farmers markets, farm stands, mobile market programs, and CSAs, click here to learn more about serving Good Food Bucks at your market and apply for the program for 2024.

Grocery stores, supermarkets, corner stores, bodegas, or other brick-and-mortar retailers, click here to learn more about serving Good Food Bucks at your establishment and fill out our interest form.

Through the Good Food Bucks Program, families across New Jersey can have access to the healthy, farm-fresh produce they deserve.

"The Good Food Bucks program has expanded our Farmers Market tremendously. It shows that shopping for fresh, local and healthy produce is accessible to everyone in our community. We have seen families benefit from our program and continue to come back weekly because this is one of the best ways to spend their money."

Manager at Riverview Farmers Market, Jersey City

"This program means a lot to me and my family. I want my kids to grow up eating healthy. It isn’t easy for us to buy fresh foods all the time. We never shopped at a farmers market before this year. At first it was very different for us but we really love coming here now. We’re thankful for the program and all the fresh foods we can have

at home now."

Good Food Buck Shopper at Montclair Farmers Market


The numbers at a glance


In Good Food Buck incentive dollars redeemed with SNAP and WIC/Seniors FMNP across our partner network since 2016

Participating farmers markets, farm stands, grocery stores- and growing every year!




SNAP and FMNP shoppers have used Good Food Bucks to buy more local produce for their families!

Good Food Bucks are

  • Good For Public Health 

  • Good for the Economy

  • Good for Farmers 

  • Good for New Jersey

Dig deeper into Good Food Bucks, read the 

2023 Good Food Buck Impact Report

  • What items are eligible for Good Food Bucks Redemptions?
    Any locally produced fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs are eligible to for Good Food Buck redemptions. "Local" is defined as produced within 300 miles of the point of sale. Prepared or processed foods of any kind, animal products, dried herbs, or teas are not available for Good Food Buck redemptions. See a full list of SNAP and Good Food Buck eligible items here.
  • Should I implement a daily cap at my market/farm stand?
    If your market is worried about running out of incentive funding, you may want to consider a market cap, which could be $5, $10, $20, or a different amount that will best fit your situation. A cap is best utilized when you have lots of SNAP customers who want to utilize the Good Food Bucks Nutrition Incentives. Putting a cap in place ensures that more SNAP customers have access to the program for longer, allowing them to access the Good Food Bucks throughout the market season. If you are a small market or farm stand with few SNAP customers, however, you may not want to implement a cap so that you ensure that you can use all of the Good Food Buck funding allocated to your market or farm stand.
  • Can I receive additional funds beyond my initial award from The Good Food Bucks Program?
    Yes! You are able to apply for additional funding by filling out the Supplemental Funding Request Form on the Partners Resources page of the Partners Hub. While we are limited to the funding that we have available, but we will do our best to extend your funding if it is clear that you are redeeming more Good Food Bucks than your funding can keep pace with. If we are unable to extend your funding, or if our additional funding is still too little to continue at your current pace, you may need to consider a market cap.
  • How much of our Good Food Bucks Program funding can we use on promotions/outreach/marketing and collateral?
    You can use $500 in grant funding on marketing, outreach, currency, or collateral. All collateral for the Good Food Bucks program is available from City Green, but you may also create your own marketing material. We provide initial collateral in the Marketing Collateral Order Form, which includes up to 10 11" x 17" posters, 4 buttons, either 1 2.5' x 6' Vinyl Banner or 1 Plastic A-Frame 24.5" x 37.25" Sandwich Board, 1 12" x 21" Retractable Standing Tabletop Display Banner, a set of 100-Page Tear Off Flyer Booklets and 150 standard printed Linen Paper Currency. Any collateral beyond what is offered must be purchased using your Good Food Bucks Marketing Funds. Any items related to currency (including plastic holders for tokens), marketing or advertisements, outreach, or collateral is eligible for purchase using grant awards, but you must keep receipts of any items and enter them into our Outreach Expense Log in the "Partner Resources" section of the homepage and send it to Robbie at More information can also be found in our Communications Toolkit!
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The Good Food Bucks Program is brought to you by
City Green

City Green is a 501(c)3 urban farming and gardening organization, based in Clifton, New Jersey working to revitalize urban areas through agriculture and educational programming. It offers practical, technical and financial resources in support of environmental stewardship, equitable access to healthy food, and ecologically sustainable communities. 


City Green envisions livable, green urban communities that are socially, economically and environmentally rejuvenated.  Because of the community garden and greening projects carried out by the community with the help of City Green, residents have access to bountiful fresh produce; youth have volunteer, work and leadership opportunities in the community; and neighborhoods have welcoming, safe, natural respites that are a focal point for sociability, community involvement, cultural expression and individual empowerment. 

Visit City Green's website for more information. 

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