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Good Food Bucks
Support NJ Grocery Stores of All Shapes and Sizes!

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What is the Good Food Bucks program?

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City Green, Inc. administers the Good Food Bucks program to issue funding to grocery stores around New Jersey so they can provide nutrition incentives to customers shopping with SNAP. Nutrition incentives are a coupon or discount that SNAP shoppers receive when purchasing fresh fruits or vegetables at participating locations. We cover the cost for your grocery store to be able to provide discounts on fresh produce to SNAP shoppers!

There is no catch for participating in Good Food Bucks - we receive federal, state, and private foundation funding in order to administer this program.

Good Food Bucks is a win for everyone - it helps supports your grocery store, helps low-income shoppers afford healthy produce, and helps increase food security in New Jersey!

Grocery stores of all shapes and sizes are welcome to apply! Check out our interest form or read more below about the benefits of joining the Good Food Bucks program.

How the Good Food Bucks program works, per location:

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At participating ACME locations, shoppers who have an ACME loyalty phone number and spend at least $5 of fresh produce with their Families First SNAP EBT Card receive a $5 coupon for more fruits and vegetables during their next purchase.

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At participating ShopRite locations, shoppers who have a ShopRite Price Plus Club loyalty account and spend up to $5 on fresh produce with their Families First SNAP EBT Card receive a matching coupon of up to $5 for more fruits and vegetables during their next purchase.

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At corner stores and other smaller retailers like our partner Dry Goods Refillery, shoppers who purchase fresh produce with their Families First SNAP EBT Card receive a 50% discount on all fruits and vegetables purchased.

Why you should bring

Good Food Bucks

to your Grocery Store

1) Studies have shown that introducing nutrition incentives leads to higher SNAP sales on fruits and vegetables at grocery stores.

Double Up Oklahoma found a 357% increase in SNAP sales on produce at grocery stores participating in their nutrition incentive program.

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The Benefits of Joining Good Food Bucks

Reimbursements for Good Food Bucks Nutrition Incentives

With Good Food Bucks, you can offer a discount coupon or a 50% discount on fresh produce to your SNAP customers, at no direct cost to your market! City Green will reimburse you for all Good Food Bucks incentives redeemed, allowing your store to offer affordable produce to shoppers who use SNAP.


Materials and Support for Marketing and Promotion

Included with your Good Food Bucks package is a set of Good Food Bucks marketing materials, made custom for your store (flyers, posters, register decals, window signs, shelf talkers tabletop signs, etc.). All logos included. Your store will also be included in statewide promotions of the Good Food Bucks program!


Technical Support, Trainings, & Resources for Everything SNAP, WIC, and FMNP

City Green provides one-on-one meetings, training, toolkits, and technical support to our grocery partners. We will develop custom staff training materials for your grocery store so that all of your employees will understand how to implement Good Food Bucks and how to answer questions about the program.

Paying for Groceries

Inclusion in a Statewide Nutrition Incentive Initiative

Join our network of supermarkets, corner stores, bodegas, farmers markets, and plenty of other types of retailers! Together, we are all

working to ensure that fruits and vegetables are affordable for all here in New Jersey. Participation includes opportunities for collaboration, shared resources, and visibility of collective impact data.

Shopping Basket

Good Food Bucks Program Data

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Over $360,000 in Good Food Bucks
Redeemed at Grocery stores

Since 2021, $367,956 dollars worth of Good Food Bucks have been redeemed at New Jersey Grocery Store Good Food Bucks Partners.

Over 14,000 Families Served by Good Food Bucks

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It is estimated that Good Food Bucks have served around 14,700 families at grocery stores around New Jersey since 2021. That is 14,700 more families receiving affordable produce, and 14,700 more customers!

Over $64,500,000 Spent in SNAP at Grocery Stores

Since 2021, $64,593,491 dollars worth of SNAP have been redeemed at New Jersey Grocery Store Good Food Bucks Partners.

15 Brick and mortar grocery stores participating in good food bucks

Currently we have 15 grocery stores operating the Good Food Bucks program. These include full size supermarkets, corners stores, bodegas, and other types of grocery stores. We will be announcing more grocery store partners very soon!

Our Current Grocery Store Partnerships:

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