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in your community!

Learn how you can get involved with Good Food Bucks in your community! 

for fresh food retailers like farmers markets, farm stands, CSAs, and grocery stores

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Join City Greens' growing network of direct-retail outlets that participate in the Good Food Bucks Nutrition Incentive Program

Network participation offers you:

  • Funding to operate a DOUBLE SNAP/Good Food Bucks Program 

  • State-wide networking opportunities with other markets operating similar initiatives

  • Marketing and poster templates 

  • Training, webinars, bi-monthly newsletters 

  • The opportunity to be a participant in New Jersey's ONLY statewide farmers market affordability initiative. 

Email us at for more info!

Good Food Bucks Nutrition Incentive Program

SNAP and Farmers Market Technical Assistance

City Green provides technical assistance to New Jersey farmers markets and farm stands who are committed to making local food accessible and affordable for everyone.

Technical assistance is provided in the areas of:

  • Becoming a SNAP-authorized farmers market or vendor

  • Obtaining SNAP/EBT card reader equipment

  • Operating a successful SNAP program at your market

  • Community outreach and marketing strategies for your farmers market

  • Recommendations for new farmers market initiatives

for neighbors, supporters, community members, philanthropists, and stakeholders

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  • Sponsor SNAP & Double SNAP - if you're a local business, consider sponsoring Good Food Bucks at your local farmers' market so even more SNAP customers can get double the fresh produce! You can also donate to the statewide network by making a donation to City Green and designating your donation for "Good Food Bucks"!

  • Volunteer at Your Local Farmers Market - farmers' markets often need volunteers to help staff the market booths and promote the Good Food Buck program. Reach out to your local farmers' market to find out how you can best support them

  • Like, Share, and Post - help us get the word out about the Good Food Buck program! Like, share, and post about the program on social media using #goodfoodbucks to lend your support  

Community Members 

Decision Makers, Philanthropists and Stakeholders

City Green envisions a local food system where all of our neighbors in New Jersey can access, afford, and enjoy nutritious and delicious farm-fresh produce.


In order to scale the program to every county in New Jersey and depend the reach of Good Food Bucks, we are inviting decision-makers, stakeholders, and philanthropists to learn more about the program and the wide ranging benefits of SNAP Nutrition Incentive Programs like Good Food Bucks.


Contact us to learn more about how you can participate in ensuring healthy, fresh, affordable produce for all! 

Lisa Martin, Director of Food Access

Jasmine MoreanoDirector of Advocacy and Community Engagement 

What folks are saying about Good Food Bucks! 

"The Good Food Bucks program has expanded our Farmers Market tremendously. It shows that shopping for fresh, local and healthy produce is accessible to everyone in our community. We have seen families benefit from our program and continue to come back weekly because this is one of the best ways to spend their money."

Manager at Riverview Farmers Market, Jersey City

"This program means a lot to me and my family. I want my kids to grow up eating healthy. It isn’t easy for us to buy fresh foods all the time. We never shopped at a farmers market before this year. At first it was very different for us but we really love coming here now. We’re thankful for the program and all the fresh foods we can have

at home now."

Good Food Buck Shopper at Montclair Farmers Market

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