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Visit the New Farmers for Food Access Resource Hub

The new Farmers for Food Access resource hub launched on the Good Food Food Bucks website in January! Visit the hub to find the resources that will help your farm or market thrive this upcoming season. Look no further for new ways to support and improve New Jersey shoppers' experiences at farms and markets!

There are a number of ways to support New Jersey shoppers seeking out fresh, local foods. Maybe your farm or market is ready to get authorized to accept SNAP or WIC as payment; or you want to easily direct customers and neighbors to information on how to enroll in farmers market nutrition incentive programs; or you simply want inspiration to make your market a more welcoming environment. By visiting the resource hub, you will find a range of ways to improve your marketing, community connections, and general practices.

On the Farmers For Food Access resource hub, you can find:


  • How to Become a SNAP-Authorized Farm or Market in NJ (Good Food Bucks)

  • How to Become a WIC-Authorized Farm or Market in NJ (Good Food Bucks)

  • How to Process a Manual Offline SNAP Voucher (Good Food Bucks)

  • How to Process a Manual Offline SNAP Voucher (Good Food Bucks)




The hub also includes external resources from key organizations like:

  • The National Farmers Market Coalition

  • The NJ Food Democracy Collaborative

  • SNAP-Ed


While the Farmers for Food Access resource page mainly contains resources for New Jersey farmers and farmers market managers, food access advocates and shoppers will also find relevant information about nutrition incentive programs.

To go to the resource hub from the Good Food Bucks homepage, click "Resources" at the top navigation bar.

To view and save resources you like, click on any resource. The page contains both PDFs and links to external webpages. For PDF resources, you can download them to your personal device or print them to save. For external webpages, simply bookmark for future reference or return to the resource hub page.

About each resource category:

Get Authorized!

For farmers and farmers markets ready to begin the process of SNAP or WIC authorization.

Connect with Agencies

For anyone looking for nutrition incentive household eligibility guidelines or contact information for county nutrition incentive offices. Use this section to direct shoppers on where to apply for SNAP, WIC, or Senior FMNP benefit programs.

Connect with Shoppers

For farmers market and farm stand operators working to improve the accessibility of shopping experiences.

Good Food Bucks aims to provide quality marketing resources, program information, and technical assistance to the farmers, market managers, advocates, and shoppers of New Jersey's food access landscape. With the Farmers for Food Access resource hub, these resources are readily available in one convenient location.

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