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City Green to Present at NOFA NJ’s 33rd Annual Winter Conference

NOFA NJ's Winter Conference, titled "Growing the Garden State Together," features presentations on various topics within the scope of farming, gardening, and food systems. Peruse the speaker list, presentation titles, and schedule here or view it pictured below.

City Green is presenting on "Community Connections: Low-Impact Ways to Engage Community on the Farm." Read the description:

The mission of the City Green Farm operation is to demonstrate sustainable and organic urban food production; increase access to local farm-fresh food; and provide meaningful job and volunteer opportunities in an agricultural setting. Through interaction with the farm operation individuals create a connection to their food; value the importance of open space; gain an appreciation for local agriculture in their own community and understand the role sustainable farming practices play in a healthy eco-system. In this workshop, City Green’s team will share with participants some tried and true ways to engage community members with their farms through SNAP and WIC food access programs, educational programming, and volunteer and event opportunities.

This presentation is best suited for farmers who want to bring more of the public to their farms and engage with community members more deeply, non-profit organizations with outdoor facilities, and managers of outdoor spaces.

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